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Gone are the days of the big homelab stuffed into the closest cupboard or kept under the stairs, these days it’ll reside in a VM or spun up in a corporate test environment. The latter I’m very lucky to have access to and certainly don’t take for granted!

For the past 2 years, my core home network is built on a full stack Cisco Meraki deployment.
Using the main Meraki products day to day in an enterprise environment has made me really come to appreciate networking gear finally being dragged into the 21st century. Total overkill for a home environment but a perk of the day job!

Main storage duties are handled by a Synology DS1618+. I have been a long time fan & user of Synology NAS devices, previously having used their 2-bay offerings, outgrowing into a 4-bay unit and now with the 6-bay DS1618+ in place.
A NAS is nothing without a proper backup regime in place, for me BackBlaze have the ideal offerings. At the time of writing B2 Storage costs are $0.005 GB per month with a download cost of $0.01 GB per month.

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